Who is DTV Home Movie Transfers ?

It’s important to know who you are doing business with and this is the page that will provide you with the evidence of credibility you’ll need to be certain that you have chosen the right people to be in possession of some of your most precious family archives.

DTV Home Movie Transfers was established in 1983, a division of Diamond Tele-Video Productions, Inc., founded and incorporated in 1984 by Bob Diamond  and was a home based business. DTV’s primary focus at the time was litigation support & the archival of old movie films, slides and photos onto VHS videotape.

By 1986 DTV was diverse, specializing in many areas of television production including industrial training programs, corporate marketing and broadcast productions. Bob Diamond became well known for expertise, leadership & creativity in all facets of production which included writing, producing, directing, editing and cutting edge logo animation for that time. The realm of projects was far reaching with extensive Caribbean & South American travel, adding television commercials, broadcast programming, closed circuit TV design & installation to DTV’s credits. For more than 10 years he was a freelance photo/journalist flying in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft shooting Television News providing aerial support for broadcast television including MTV’s Road Rules, ESPN, CNN, WSVN, WTVJ, Japanese Television, and many others. “HOVERWORLD” was conceived and produced by DTV and aired coast to coast for 12 episodes in 1989.

In 1994, DTV built a 3000 sft production facility near the Tamiami Airport in southwest Miami-Dade where at the peak of activity, DTV employed 8 full and part time staff. Bob’s most memorable news story from the 90’s was the multi week coverage & reporting from the scene of the tragic Valu Jet crash, his coverage was praised by his peers and nominated for a local news Emmy. Bob also provided the exclusive aerial footage of the School Bus Hijacking which ended tragically on South Beach.

By 2000, television production technology had arrived at the “desktop” and more and more production clients began to rely on their own in-house resources to provide for their AV needs.  After nearly 20 years, this was the year that DTV came full circle and downsized back to the home based business from which it had emerged.

Bob Diamond is now a grandfather & has three amazing children, enjoys coaching baseball, cooking, gardening and working on the seemingly never ending project, the house.

Meet Rachelle Grabowski, also known as RC.  Rachelle officially joined DTV in 2001 and quickly proved her position as the most integral part and partner DTV has ever known. RC is DTV.

An expert film colorist, graphic artist and editor, RC’s detail oriented approach is perfectly in sync with your exacting needs.

Our combination of expertise provides the dream team that you want to deliver your project as perfectly as it can be.

RC is the point person here at DTV who you will have ongoing communication with as your project warrants.  The depth of communication will astound you as RC becomes sharply focused on your project.

Am LOVING watching the video.
Great job with the chapters and photos on the DVD covers.
I would recommend you in a minute! Thanks again.

Lynn P

September 16, 2013

We send nothing out, nothing.

It doesn’t matter what you bring to us for processing, everything that we say we do in house, we actually do IN HOUSE. Nobody wants to send their one and only family photo, video or film away to another city or state to be worked on. The risks are endless, we don’t have to tell you that. There are very few of us left in this industry that service you directly without needing to outsource. We know of NO others as detailed oriented as us.
Competition? We have none. We are UNIQUE!

If you need a bottle of aspirin, You go to Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy.
If you need to buy food in Bulk, you go to Costco, or to BJ’s.
If you want the best China has to offer you shop the largest discount house on the planet, Walmart !

If you need to use the services of an audio visual production facility, then you should patronize one!

If there’s one thing we know for sure, its that personalized service & attention to detail WILL NOT be delivered by any of the convenience stores mentioned above.