It was Fathers Day in 1975 when Louis Plotnick, Bob’s grandfather was turning 80.  His children, grand children & cousins gathered to celebrate the occasion. They came from California, Connecticut & New York .  It was the last time everyone would be together. A cassette was recording everyone’s voices including some of his stories.

Audio Recordings

1/4” Reels, Cassettes, Micro & Records

People have been recording their families voices and performances on different analog formats of tapes and records for years and it is one of the most precious of keepsakes you can have from your family, the sound of Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandpa’s & Grandma’s voices. Talking to children, telling stories, singing, playing musical instruments are just some of the few examples we can share.  Performers who made limited edition records want to preserve these memories for future generations to cherish.