You Have Film, Video, Audio, Slides & Photographs

DTV Home Movie Transfers has been archiving family collections for more than 30 years. When the world went digital, so did we.

Whether it’s PAL or NTSC, Betamax, VHS, VHS-C or all of the Video 8 formats, Mini DV, Disc, SD or HD, we have the appropriate equipment to “digitize” your analog formats for transfer to DVD.

You Have Super 8, 8mm & 16mm Movie Films to preserve?

We’ve been handling Old Movie Films since the early 1960’s.  That’s right. You will be astonished at the knowledge we have on the subject. Our roots were forged in Kodak movie film well before we were old enough to drive a car. Trust me, we know more about your movie films than you do and have the capability to digitize it, color correct it and organize it. Put it in a box and just bring it in for a no cost analysis & estimate.

Your Photo Albums & Carousels of 35mm Slides to CD & DVD

We are the people to do it for you, carefully extracting your photos stuck to album pages. For high resolution still images, a Nikon Negative & Slide Scanner is used for 35mm Slides. Kodak’s i1200 High Speed Photo Scanner delivers deep resolution digital scans of your images from passport size to 8.5 inches.  Loose or mounted, don’t mail your pictures away.

Sound Recordings To CD

Vintage Reel to Reel machines playback your sound reels so that expertly processed digital enhancements can be made to restore your recordings, dated as far back as the 1930’s. Have you got a collection of Cassettes or Micro Cassettes with interviews of family members? We’ve got the latest digital gear to preserve those valuable recordings. 

Almost everything that you are curious about will be covered in the questions and links below.

I want to preserve my collection of videotapes onto DVD, I have so many VHS, VHS-C, Video 8 and Mini DV tapes, I don’t know what is on most of them and I don’t know where to start.

I have many shoe boxes & albums full of photographs.  Some photos are very old and brittle, some are stuck to the pages in the albums & some are in their original envelopes. What will you do?

My HD camera is full, I have many files that play short clips of video.  I want them to be attached & on a DVD. I have SD cards & Mini Discs to put onto DVD’s. I need HELP!

I have a box full of those 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm movie films.  Some of them go back more than 75 years! I don’t have a projector, I don’t know what’s on them, what will you do?

I have reel to reel tapes, audio cassettes and records that were recorded by family members. These are not copyrighted materials from musical artists, what will you do?

I need a special video made for a Memorial, College App, Celebration, Sales Presentation, Litigation, Demo Reel, School Project, Historical Compilation, General Presentation.