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How long can it take? A lot depends on the condition of the recordings, do they have to be “babied” in to the computer.  Did you record on SLP or EP? Do we have to re-run your tape multiple times in different era machines to get the playback to be as close to perfect as we can? Many variables come into play.
This 50 disc set contains nearly 100 edited hours of video with customized menu’s & chapter links generated from 137 videotapes!
Some say we have OCD when it comes to our craft.
We treat your collection as though it were our own. In a nutshell, we put a professional edit on your amateur material.

Scene by scene we clean up your work.  If you had a tendency to tip the camera down to the ground as you pushed the on off button on the camera, we’ll clip out that dip.  If you are shooting your kids on Dumbo at Disney and you get interrupted by your spouse and begin to shoot the sky; we cut out that unintentional sky moment.  You are on a fishing trip and set the camera down, still rolling, while you reel in the big one, expect that you won’t see the boat deck for 2 minutes during your fight because we’ll clip it.  Everyone has sung happy birthday and now it’s cake cutting time and you set the camera down on the table, facing a wall and there is nothing to see or hear but wall land ambient room noise... edited out.  We will make your video collection an enjoyable one to watch.  That 10 minute segment of the ground, and your feet as you walk through the small town on your vacation will be edited out.  You will not pay for the hours and hours of time it took to make your program look more professionally produced.  That time is accounted for in the per edited video hour charge.

Customer Dr. Z writes on Oct 3, 2011: THANK YOU!!! What a 1st class, quality and professional job you guys did. I am so pleased with the perfect labeling and organizational sequence you achieved with over 30 years of my movie and video tapes.  It was worth every penny and considering all the hours you spent, very reasonable compared to the other companies I checked out. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to all my friends who are sitting on top of their old videos.

Bob’s been involved in production for some 33 years and Rachelle has just about 20 years invested.  I mention this because if we charged you by the production hour for our services, well… you might need to take out a second mortgage on your home to afford us. We want your digital library to be perfect in every way possible and our attention to detail goes way above and beyond ANY other production house for the fees that we charge our customers. If you submit 8 hours and one hour removed during the course of 16 hours of editing time, you pay for 7 hours of video, not the 16 hours it took to accomplish that finished product.  Consider all of the time invested in your project and you can easily justify the investment to have an organized, awesome archive.

Your DVD’s will have customized labels printed directly on the highest quality Verbatim DVD – R hub printable discs from Taiyo Yuden. We spare no ink or creativity. We do not use “stick on” labels which will peel off from humidity and temperature changes.  Disc labels contain the content title and images from your project for easy identification and are nestled in a box or in boxes designed to hold the number of discs in your collection.

Your box covers contain the list of ALL videos that are contained inside that box.  If you are looking for Erica’s 7th birthday in 1992, select the 1992 box and find the listing for her birthday on the cover. Once inside the case, turn to the May 1992 Disc page & pull the disc, drop it into the DVD player and select Scene Menu.
The menu will come up and you will see the Erica’s 7th Birthday link - It’s THAT easy.

Now you know what we do and you ask what do I do now?
Call to set an appointment or click the link to send us an email. Bring everything with you. We’ll estimate your project, ask you for an advance partial payment for our work, provide an approximate delivery day, confirm your email, telephone numbers and your schedule so we can contact you for advice should we need it.