Need a video created to fill a particular need?

Concert Pianist, Theatrical Production Technical Support, Cruise Ship Performer, Actor, Actress, Model, Athlete, Educator, realtor, Detective, Security Office, Attorney, Physician, Hospital Administrator or just Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public, at some point in everyone's life there is a need for some kind of AV production of some sort. In all our years in business, we've produced hundreds and hundreds. And our work looks just good on the outside as it does on the inside.

Eddie graduated High School & was having a party to celebrate with friends and family. Mom came to us to make a DVD photo montage to play in the background at the party. She gave us close to 200 photos of Eddie growing up, playing with friends, traveling, you know, just the usual collection that we all have. Mom also told us that Eddie wanted a Red Mustang as a graduation present. We asked her for 2 favorite photos that we could use for the disc & box art. Up on the top left is what we did with the photos on Eddie’s disc.  We added the in the Mustang into the artwork just in case it was his only chance to have the car of his dreams.


It was her 70th Birthday & her daughter wanted to do something extra special. We were given a collection of photos, old and recent. After digitizing and color correcting, we put together a lovely presentation to show at the party that would last.


At many secondary education facilities, both public and private, graduations are celebrated as a large part of a child’s life both socially and educationally.  Yearbooks might not be enough for some, where only one or two photos of a student are included.  Moments like these are captured in photo form and put together in photo / video montage collections with 6 or more images of each student, including some video and are distributed to the entire class. Oftentimes these productions are paid for through contributions from the individual students’ families and sometimes through PTA like organizations.  Pictured above is the disc and Box Insert Art.

Projects LARGE or small are treated the same.

Attention to personalization and minute detail take precedence over counting the extra hours that get invested into a project.

We are told regularly by our customers that the other alternative production facilities around town set their production rates in stone and make it virtually impossible to afford to take a small project to them. At DTV we are blessed with customers that come back to us year after year, event after event and bring their work to us.

How else can a very large company last 30 years?